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Wasn't really able to try it in vr. I luntch it through steam vr and it just playes on the desktop. No real vr that I was able to get from it. Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong.

If you want to watch something interesting about this game, I invite You to my Polish gameplay!

as much as i hate clowns, i legit loved this game :D  heres my playthrough of it .. jumpscares got me a few times :D

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Played your game in an indie romp. Cried when Simon says did the murder haha but that clown is fantastically designed. Some of the jump scares were a little hammy but in a good way :P I really loved the interactivity of the game. Being able to play simon says or smash about on the piano. I live for those little things in games

I hope I can play more of your stuff in the future!  Your game starts at 12:20

This clown NEEDS TO CHILL!!!

Gave it a go...

The game is really good (short but good).

We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video:

Keep up the good work!

Short, but pretty fun.

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same with me..... I thought it was just my laptop....

Hello everyone my name is Slester, I played this game and i will be honest it was a short and solid game. So here is my gameplay feel free to check it out!

That game gave me gossebumps!Really loved it but couldn't finish it though O_o

I really like this game, it's fucking creepy!

You can watch my german gameplay on my channel :D

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An amazing game with great jumpscares, had lots of fun playing this title.

fantastically polished and well done indie horror here. everything from sound to atmosphere to monster design and movement were perfect. my only complaint is that the game ended...would love to see more from this developer. they are the future of indie is my playthrough full of jumpscares & nopes!

Finally tried it out! While I don't have a problem with clowns, jumpscares are one of my greatest weaknesses :P They will always get me to some degree no matter how unscary they may be...

If only I had VR, it would probably have ended with tears in fetal position at the foot of the bed...

We finished up playing this the other day. It had us on the edge of our seats. Neither of us are a big fan of clowns to begin with... much less a 7ft tall one who can appear at random out of thin air. This game is pretty great, very short but it has a clever concept and is well put together. For a free horror game it comes highly recommended.

I loved it, it was definitely a good scare. I wish there was a little more levels to it but hey that's not really a deal breaker. Graphics were good, sound was good, pretty much everything was good.

OMG!!!! sooooooo scary with the oculus

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We had a blast playing this on our show too, and analyzed the good/bad/interesting components of the game's design!


Good little game to say it was a student project! For anyone scared of clowns I can imagine this game is bloody terrifying!

Scarequited pretty fast!

Works in CV1

This is certainly a scary game, anyone who has not played it yet should give it a go: